Sharp Technologies and Design Group

Helping to design a better product and efficiently distribute information throughout the organization.


- Mechanical Engineering and Design Services

  • We strive to provide innovative and creative solutions to design problems.

  • We pride ourselves on creating engineering documentation that is simple, robust and flexible.

  • We centralize our design information in the model. All information is in one place. Change the information here and it is automatically updated everywhere!

- CAD Administrative Services

  • Engineering documentation should be available to everyone and readable by everyone in the organization ..... simply and quickly!

  • Customers and suppliers should have simple and clear documentation delivered to them with minimal effort.

  • Instructions on how to automatically release files with Intralink.

- Pro/ENGINEER Configuration Files, Tutorials and Tips

  • Learn how to use Pro/E.

- Windows Utilities for Pro/ENGINEER

  • DOS batch files for automating processes for Pro/ENGINEER files.

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