Kevin J. Brault
Sharp Technologies and Design Group

2011 to Present:
Sr Adv Mechanical Engineer 3 and ME Tools Administrator, General Dynamics Mission Systems, Scottsdale, Arizona
Secret Clearance

Mechanical Engineering, CAD/CAS Administration and user support services.


  • Support and lead engineer on several programs for the deployment of satellite communication space hardware while maintaining schedule and budget.
  • Worked with Environmental Test Group on Vibe, TVAC and Shock testing of development and fight units.
  • Used ANSYS, CSL, CAS and CS to refine designs, meet predicted minimum margins of safety on thermal, modal, structural and fatigue requirements.
  • Created and presented documentation for PDRs and CDRs.
  • Worked with IT, Manufacturing and Supply Chain on automation and processes to reduce the cost and errors in fabricating and inspecting components designed and procured. Process creates a PDF file of the drawing and automatically embeds the required 2D and 3D data files (DXF, STEP).
  • Worked with IT on splitting the CAD PDM system into GD-C4S and GD-AIS companies.
  • Assumed the role of ME Tools Administrator (Creo, ANSYS, Pro/Intralink and Windchill) for ~30 users.
  • Migrated from PTC Pro/Intralink to Windchill.
  • Merged six sites PLM CAD data into Windchill.
  • Number of supported users now over 500.
  • Deployed two Simulation clusters and multiple high performance “shared” computers for large and multiple simulations. Reducing the time to solution and design margins for MEs.
  • Developed and deployed MCAD library process.
  • Developed and deployed the embedded PDF process on the server triggered by drawing state changes.
  • Developed and deployed an automated process that drives the Parts List in windchill from the CAD model structure. Reducing ME time and errors.
  • Developed the processes to make GD Model Based Definition (MDB, ASME Y14.41 and 14.47) compliant.
  • Currently working on a multi-million dollar program to begin building “Digital Threads” and “Digital Twins” for GD products.


2000 to Present:
President, Sharp Technologies and Design Group, Chandler Arizona
Mechanical Engineering, CAD Administration and Network Administration Services


  • Successfully managed seven independent, parallel projects and directed the efforts of six engineers and designers to design and develop engineering solutions on accelerated schedules for a variety of customers in the industrial, commercial and aerospace industries.
  • Created detailed models and drawings in Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks.
  • Provided Finite Element Analysis using CosmosWorks and Pro/Mechanica.
  • Manage CAD and other data in Pro/Intralink, Windchill, Teamcenter and Subversion.
  • Prepared proposals including costing and scheduling estimates for various industries.
  • Tray and pallet handling and conveying equipment for the biochip industry.
  • Tray, boat and pallet handling, conveying and high speed pick and place for the semiconductor industry.
  • Silicon wafer polishing (CMP), cleaning and handling equipment.
  • Fixturing and automated assembly equipment for the aerospace and consumer products industries.
  • Developed systems software practices and policies to increase engineering department efficiencies.
  • Developed procedures and software systems to organize concurrent engineering data among engineers all over the world.
  • Developed automated document release systems that reduce cost, error and are ISO standards compliant.
  • Setup and maintain network systems (Microsoft Small Business Server and Linux) that are cost efficient for small and medium enterprises.

The following are a few of the projects I successfully completed: 


MCAD Administrator, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
Automated steps in the design activity and developed new release and data control mechanisms to enhance data integrity and reduce cycle and work time. Improved modeling techniques to create more "intelligent" models, reducing design and checking effort and errors and preparing the company for "drawing-less" documentation. Performed Pro/Intralink 3.0 to 3.4 data migrations for two sites. Performed data separation for one site (department split). Performed Pro/Intralink 3.4 to Windchill 9.1 migration for two sites (Over one million objects, 510 GB of data).


Mechanical Engineer, Honeywell Engines, Systems and Services
Brought “Out of the Box” ideas to solve new challenges. Utilized Pro/Engineer and Pro/Mechanica to expedite the design, reduce cost and minimize the mass of new control valves for the Airbus A380 aircraft. 


Senior Analysis Engineer, Titus Cycles
Analysis Engineer Utilized FEA to validate and optimize bicycle frame designs.


Senior Mechanical/Analysis Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems
Optimized Missile Fixturing/Lifting Ring for weight and strength using Pro/Engineer and Pro/Mechanica. Fixture designed to be configurable with adjustment components uniquely stored on the ring itself..


Senior Mechanical Engineer, Akrometrix
Portable Moiré Flatness Measurement Machine: Unique sheet metal enclosure is designed to maximize rigidity and minimize mass. The designed required a stiff structure which was achieved without heavy frame members.


Senior Mechanical/Analysis Engineer, Watts Premier
Potable Liquid Pressure Vessel: Utilized new materials and devised new manufacturing techniques along with FEA to increase cost advantages over current product.


Senior Mechanical/Analysis Engineer, MEMC
Wafer Handler in Wafer Cleaning System: Replaced complicated and troublesome bulk wafer transfer system with six axis robot and load port. Analyzed motion with Pro/Mechanism.


Senior Mechanical Engineer, Motorola
Cell Phone Product Releases: 

  • Produced solid production models and drawings from Industrial Engineering surface models.
  • Worked with electrical engineers to mechanically package electronic components.
  • Evaluated other designs for technology reuse and improvement.
  • Evaluated first article QC reports, performed accelerated life tests and provided corrective action recommendations. Worked with Engineers in Florida and China on issue resolution.
  • Reduced Accelerated Life Test cycle time and variability by improving the test process.
  • Optimized rigidity by utilizing Pro/Mechanica.


Lead Project Engineer, Rainbird
Automated Sprinkler Head Assembly Machine: Machine assembled and inspected six components to produce a finished product every two seconds. Managed six engineers and designers to meet schedule and performance requirements for the $730,000 project.


Senior Mechanical Engineer/CAD Administrator, Novellus
CMP equipment for the Semiconductor industry:

  • Provided Pro/Engineer and Pro/Intralink support and training to 28 member staff. Developed automated document and CAD data release procedure. Simultaneously supported design efforts on new CPM products.
  • Wrote software to analyze license logs and negotiated a 34% reduction in software product maintenance costs to save the customer $230,000 annually.
  • Provided cost return analysis for hardware upgrades increasing engineering efficiency.
  • Developed Pro/Engineer scripts to automate repetitious operations reducing modeling time and design errors while standardizing design and drawing methods.
  • Implemented an automated “PDF” process where drawings are automatically printed to a “PDF” file, watermarked with a “Released” stamp and pulled into a data access system. Reducing Engineering work load and providing “Released” documents to the whole organization within 20 minutes of approval.
  • Developed automated process and software to “push” Bill of Material data from the Pro/Engineer to an MRP system. Eliminated the need to “Release” a BOM under an ECO. Reducing engineering work load and updating MRP information in less than 20 minutes. Automated rollout of new software releases. Reducing Engineering interruptions.


Lead Mechanical Engineer, Unaxis
High Speed JEDEC Tray Substrate Pick and Place: The challenge met was to rapidly load and unload JEDEC trays with new, good and failed devices with two, four axis SCARA robots while simultaneously staging and re-ordering non-WIP trays.


Lead Mechanical Engineer, Sonix
Automatic Ultra-sonic substrate Inspection Machine


Lead Mechanical Engineer, Unaxis
Sideways JEDEC Tray Handler


Lead Mechanical Engineer, Motorola
Substrate Singulation machine: Successfully merged two separate technologies (wafer dicing and JEDEC tray loading) to produce a machine that replaced two pieces of equipment and reduced cycle time and floor space.


Mechanical Engineer, Speedfam
CMP equipment for the Semiconductor industry: worked with supplier in Israel and customers in Europe to retrofit the CMP tool with inline inspection systems.

1997 to 2000
Staff Engineer, Motorola Manufacturing Systems - Phoenix, Arizona
Division of Motorola producing automated manufacturing equipment for the semi-conductor industry.



Reported to the Engineering Manager for the design, development and project management of automation and BGA manufacturing equipment projects. Responsible for Pro/ENGINEER (Rev 17 – 2000I) and Pro/PDM (Rev 3.5) software and hardware administration (UNIX and NT).

  • Generated engineering concepts through final designs, work with vendors and customers to bring innovative automated equipment solutions to semi-conductor manufacturers worldwide.
  • Worked with engineering team to bring to market a new substrate singulation machine generating ~$700,000 per month in sales.
  • Developed automatic tool alignment system that reduced machine setup time by more than 70%.
  • Led team to design and develop a manual solder sphere attachment machine for CBGA scale wafers/substrates that can place 200,000, 0.3 mm diameter spheres in 3 minutes on a 300 mm wafer.
  • Orchestrated project team with engineering, customers and manufacturing to reduce the cost of second generation wafer BGA machine by 40% and make a mass-marketable product.
  • Worked with engineers in other countries to develop advanced BGA sphere attachment process for $1.2 million order.
  • Developed new technologies to reduce production lead time (50%) and cost (30%-70%) of sphere attach tooling.
  • Reduced number of unique parts while increasing performance.
  • Redesigned conveyor system and reduced cost by 60% and lead time by 67%.
  • Specified and implemented computer hardware upgrades to reduce engineering time and administration costs.
  • Converted computer platforms from UNIX to NT.
  • Worked with four other sites to develop common engineering practices and software/model libraries.
  • Provided Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of critical components Using Pro/Mechanica.

1995 to 1996
Project Engineer, Ryobi Outdoor Products - Chandler, Arizona
Lawn and Garden and Power Tool Manufacturer with locations in the United States, Mexico and Japan.  



Reported to the Director of Engineering for the design, development and evaluation of hand-held lawn and garden products. Utilized Pro/ENGINEER CAD-CAM software (UNIX and NT Operating Systems) to design new products with common features and parts, resulting in fewer manufacturing and production changes.  



  • Generated Pro/ENGINEER part models that were "Family Driven", simplifying and reducing engineering design time on new, similar components (primarily die-cast and injection molded), and thus, bringing new products to market faster.
  • Evaluated, upgraded and automated data acquisition hardware and software for emissions equipment resulting in increased accuracy of data and rapid production test evaluations.
  • Performed extensive tolerance studies of several similar assemblies resulting in design changes that reduced the number of new components and assemblies and thus reduced inventory and tooling cost.

1990 to 1995
Application Engineer - Small Engines, INA Bearing Company, Inc. - Fort Mill, South Carolina
The world's largest producer of needle roller bearings.



Reported to the Application Engineering Manager for the calculation, design and proposal of roller bearing arrangements, through development of samples, production start-up, and customer support including bearing failure analysis and corrective action proposals.  



  • Worked with Field Sales and Product Engineering on customer accounts totaling over $15 million, increasing sales by 78% in four (4) years, and increasing 1994 sales by over $3 million (31%), exceeding the 25% forecast.
  • Generated bearing proposals and Structural FEA's and provided engineering support to a customer, resulting in acquiring a three million dollar account from a competitor.
  • Developed computer engine simulation software to increase the accuracy of bearing life calculations in conjunction with developing statistical tolerance standards for connecting rod assemblies.

1987 to 1990
Project Engineer, Force Outboards (Mercury Marine) - Division of Brunswick Corp. - Hartford, Wisconsin
A $150 million division producing marine outboard propulsion drives.  


Reported to the Director of Engineering for the design, development and introduction of new products and product improvements on the 5, 9.9, 15 and 25 horsepower outboards.  



  • Designed and developed new porting, piston (Thermal FEA), reed valve and starting system on 5 HP engine, increasing power output by 30%, reducing RFI emissions, reducing cost by $7 per unit and increasing life by 200%.
  • Developed a Pro/ENGINEER CAD solid model of the 25 HP combustion chamber and crankshaft, eliminating experimental prototypes and reducing product development costs and lead times.
  • Developed new reed valve assembly on 90 through 150 horsepower models reducing the number of components by 10%, cost by 17% and increasing performance by 5% to 8%.
  • Implemented Concurrent Engineering with manufacturing engineers and vendors on the 25 HP project, reducing production costs, capital costs, tooling lead times and engineering changes.
  • Utilized common vendor products and existing in-house fixturing and assembly stations common with other product lines.
  • Generated and maintained Bills of Materials for the 5, 9.9, 15 and new 25 HP model lines and supervised the efforts of up to three (3) designers and three (3) technicians.  




Bachelor of Science Degree - Mechanical Engineering - 1987 University of Wisconsin - Madison  



Pro/Engineer Basic and Advanced

Professional Affiliations: 



Phoenix Pro/Users Group - Chairman