Windows XP and 2000 batch files for managing Pro/ENGINEER Files

Note: Of course these files are provided with NO support or guarantee. In fact, some lines that show proprietary information have been removed and the file not re-tested. The basic process and intent should be clear.

There may be better or faster ways of performing these functions. Please let us know if you have a better way.

If you make improvements or have other utilities please share them with us.

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Releasing Prints, Moving files, adding Revisions and making PDF's from Pro/ENGINEER in one key stroke

This batch file is to be executed from the "printer.pcf" file after a mapkey is run to create IGES, eModel, BOM, Parameter and Postscript files. It will parse the parameter file and rename the output files with the Revision appended to the file name. Then it will invoke Ghostscript to create a PDF file. Finally it moves all the files to a specific folder and deletes the temporary files.

Batch Releasing Print Packages

This batch file is to be executed from the top level folder of a project. All the drawings in the folder and all sub-folders will be released per the previous method using a batch program and trail file.

Searching files to see where models are used.

This batch file can be executed from anywhere. A folder is entered in the file that contains the models that you wish to perform a "where used" for (e.g. LibraryFolder) and the top folder you want to perform this function on (e.g. ProEFiles). The "ProEFiles" folder will be recursively searched for models that are dependant on the files or instances in the "LibraryFolder".

WARNING:    This will call the "purge" command so only the latest Pro/ENGINEER files will exist. You can comment this out but then your "Where Used" list will grow much larger.

Searching a folder for duplicate model names (standard and instances).

This batch file should be executed in the folder you wish to search in.

Recursively purging, renumbering and cleaning files in a folder.

This batch file should be executed in the folder you wish recursively purge, clean and rename in or ....  better yet ... install the ".inf" file and run this by simply "right clicking" on a folder from the Windows Explorer. This will also rename all the Pro/ENGINEER files to a ".1" extension so files can more easily be shared .